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The Future Moves Slow :: Celebrating In Support of Cuban Art and Artists

The party in the spirit of Latin American art in Los Angeles is still not over – On December 15, Artists in Mind and Schoos Design are hosting a holiday happy hour event, The Future Moves Slow, set in Schoos Night Gallery, December 15, with the show to run until the end of December. Read more about the show and support bringing these artists to Los Angeles.


New Year’s in Havana, Cuba

Join us for a long weekend in the life of the Cuban people. Experience the culture, art, cuisine, and nightlife firsthand with Aimee and Rachel of Artists in Mind. In addition this will be an opportunity to present and donate art supplies to artists in the community. This trip has be curated to show you the best Havana and other parts of Cuba have to offer.

Contact Us for more information, an itinerary, and booking information.